Welcome to the 5-Day All-Inclusive Immersion

Welcome to the 5-Day All Inclusive Immersion! 

Please read through this page, which has a multitude of important details, which we think you will find very helpful. 

2018 Immersion Details

January 7-11, 2018

Immersion Schedule
Please take a few minutes to check out the 5-Day All Inclusive Immersion Schedule to familiarize yourself with the flow of the events. We are looking forward to sharing 5 days of activities that guide us into diving deeper within ourselves, within this supportive, loving community. Activities during the Immersion will include connection circles, yoga, authentic relating games, journaling, meditation, Thai massage, and more. 

Menu & Food
We are super excited to be teaming up with our good friend and badass chef, Katy Craine, for this all-inclusive event. We have an amazing menu of plant-based food, which will focus on fresh, local fruits and vegetables, with some cooked options. You can view the full menu here

Check in is on Sunday, January 7th, between 1pm-4pm. Please arrive promptly between these times as we have evening activities scheduled. You are responsible for your transportation to the Immersion. Once you book your plane ticket, please let us know when you plan to arrive at the house. 

Check out is at 10:30am on Thursday, January 11th. 

Retreat Location & Transportation
The Fruit House location is called Viva Chiang Mai Homestay. You can find the address and detailed directions here. We ask that you acquire your own transportation to the Fruit House, which you can find more information on how to do here.    

Google Maps & Uber
If you have an unlocked cell phone, we recommend buying a Thai SIM card for it at the airport so that you can use it while you are here. If not, using your phone with WiFi is still very helpful. 
We have found Google Maps to be very convenient for finding our way around the city. For a link to the FWF map, click here
We also recommend downloading Uber, if you do not already use it, for ride requests. Uber is in Chaing Mai and is a super helpful way to get around the city and to arrive at your precisely desired location. 

Getting Local Money @ The Airport
We recommend taking out money from an ATM or exchanging money at the airport so that you will have Thai Baht right away.

Community Space
Sharing space is what the Fruit House space is all about and we encourage everyone to enjoy this element of living in community during these 5 days, learning how to do so with your house and room mates in a loving and compassionate way.

Shared Kitchen & Additional Food
The Fruit house has one shared indoor kitchen space one shared outdoor sink and food prep area. There are multiple areas with seating and tables for eating. Although we will provide three meals a day, if you desire to bring any of your own plant-based food, you may do so and keep it in this shared kitchen. We will also keep leftovers in this fridge, in case you get hungry between meals. We ask that you only bring plant based foods into the Fruit House during your stay.

You will have your own bed in a shared dwelling with a shared bath. Beds will be chosen by participants upon arrival, unless a special request was made in advance. The spaces are cleaned by the staff daily, with fresh towels provided. 

Amenities & Wifi
There’s wireless internet at the house. There are also a lot of communal hang out spaces, most of which are outside. There is a small indoor fitness room and working space. There are three toilets in the common space, in addition to the bathrooms in each of the dwellings.

Thai plumbing is different than other parts of the world. The Fruit House has some of the best plumbing we have seen in the country. Toilets are equipped with a bidet at the Fruit House and toilet paper goes in the waste basket as opposed to down the toilet. Showers utilize on demand electric to heat up the water, so while there is an unlimited amount of hot water, the pressure and temperature is not always as high as in western bathrooms. 

We are big fans of packing light, and both have specific videos of packing for Thailand if you are curious what we bring. Some key items we suggest are insect repellent, a warm layer such as long pants and a sweatshirt for the evenings and early mornings, and eye mask and earplugs, and a notebook if you enjoy journaling.

Requesting a Special Meal on Your Flight
If you are interested, you can call your airline to request a special meal. Most airlines require 24 hour notice and most have a plant based option and some will even give you just fruit and green salad if you ask for it. 

Have more questions about Fruit Winter Festival and Chiang Mai in general? Check out the FWF FAQ Page. 
Have more questions about the immersion? Feel free to email us at admin@fruitwinterfest.com

Staying in Chiang Mai Post Immersion?

Get Involved with the Public Festival of Meetups

FWF Public Meetups Please check out the full schedule of public meetups and join all the public meetups that you plan to attend on this page. While donations are encouraged and not required for anyone to attend the festval, we especially feel like we do not expect donations from retreat members, though of course if you feel drawn to contribute, we would be honored. We will have organized transportation for all of them from the Fruit House Retreat, but you will need to reserve your spots in the collective “tsongtoa” taxis in advance. 

FWF Facebook Group Please join the FWF Public Facebook group. We will share updates there throughout the festival. You will be invited via email to a private FB group for Fruit House Retreat attendees only about 1 month prior to the start of the event. 

Check out the FWF Google Map, which has all of the meetup locations marked, as well as awesome places to eat and explore around Chiang Mai. 

Have more questions about the festival, travel, or living in Chiang Mai during your stay? Check out the FAQ page