Welcome Fruitluck

Welcome Fruitluck

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Thursday, January 12th, 2017

Nong Buak Hard Park

Start Time

Activities During Meetup
12:45-1:15pm: announcements, greeting and game

What to Bring?
Fruit for yourself and to share if you would like
Something comfortable to sit on
Anything you want to play in the park with

Event Description
Welcome to the first meetup of Fruit Winter Fest 2017! We look forward to coming together at Buak Hat Park at Noon to enjoy getting to know one another. At 12:30pm we will gather together to welcome one another and go over a few details about the festival that will be helpful. We will also hold an interactive relating game to make connecting with everyone even more enjoyable.

RSVP- Want to Join the Event!?
Please RSVP on the Facebook event page if you will be attending this meetup. At that time, we invite you to contribute a donation, either for the individual event, or for the entirety of the festival. Any amount is appreciated. If you are unable to donate, we still would love for you to attend.

Donate to Attend Per Meetup
Suggested amount: $5-$10 per event
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Donate to Attend Entire Festival
Suggested amount: $50-$100
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Nong Buak Hard Public Park