Swimming at the Quarry with Optional 32KM Bike Ride

Swimming at the Quarry with Optional 32KM Bike Ride

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Saturday, January 16th, 2016

Chiang Mai Old Quarry

Start Time

10am: Bikers leave from Nong Buak Hard Park
10:30am: Tsongtoa leaves from Nong Buak Hard Park
*Must reserve Tsongtoa space in advance with Brianna Jackson of the FWF admin team either on FB, in person, or at admin@fruitwinterfest.com

What to Bring?
Entrance fee (about ฿100 / $3 US)
Bathing suit and towel
Appropriate dress to protect yourself from too much sun (there is not much shade)
Fruit and Water (They are not longer allowing people to bring fruit into the Quarry, so discretion is advised if you want to do so. There is food available for purchase at the cafe at the Quarry.)

Please RSVP on the Facebook event page if you will be attending this meetup. 

Bikers please meet at 10am at Nong Buak Hard Park. The ride is 16.2 KM (10 Miles) one way on fairly flat roads. If you do not want to ride please contact the FWF admin team to reserve your spot in a tsongtoas.

Please remember to bring food and water, a hat and/or other sun protection, a towel and bathing suit, and your most amazing, beautiful, bright Self! We expect to get to the Quarry by 11 AM. We will swim, play, eat and generally enjoy life for a few hours before heading back.

Click on below map to see location through Google Maps.
Nong Buak Hard Public Park