Sunday Night Market

Sunday Night Market

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Sunday, January 15th, 2017

Tha Phae Gate

Start Time

Activities During Meetup
Exploring the market

What to Bring?
Your lovely self
A desire for some Thai culture
Money if you feel like purchasing anything

Event Description
Meet up at the entrance to Tha Phae Gate (on the interior side of the wall) at 7:30pm to join friends for a walk through the Sunday Night Market. While everyone will likely start out in a large group of sorts when we initially meet up, we will most likely end up separated while walking through the busy market, which goes on for (what feels like) miles. Feel free to pick a buddy or small group as you begin exploring and stick with them until you have all had your fill. This is a casual-type meetup, with no group activities planned other than to have some fun people to explore the market with.

RSVP- Want to Join the Event!?
Please RSVP on the Facebook event page if you will be attending this meetup. At that time, we invite you to contribute a donation, either for the individual event, or for the entirety of the festival. Any amount is appreciated. If you are unable to donate, we still would love for you to attend.

Donate to Attend Per Meetup
Suggested amount: $5-$10 per event
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Donate to Attend Entire Festival
Suggested amount: $50-$100
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Nong Buak Hard Public Park