Games & Acro at the Lake

Huay Tung Thao Lake: Short Ride and Swim

DateHuai Tueng Thao Lake
Friday, January 13th, 2017

Huai Tung Thao Lake

Start Time

11am: Bike riders leave from Nong Buak Hard Park
11:30am: Tsongtoa leaves from Nong Buak Hard Park
*Must reserve Tsongtoa space in advance with Brianna Jackson of the FWF admin team either on FB, in person, or at

Activities During Event
12:45pm-1:15pm: authentic relating games
1:30pm-2:30pm: Intro to partner acrobatics

What to Bring?
Money for your entrance fee (about ฿20-50 / $1 US)
A bathing suit and towel
Fruit and water
For Acro: comfortable clothes to move in (or bathing suit) and a mat or towel to lay on

Event Description
A few KM outside the city is a beautiful lake called Huay Tung Thao. Average temperature for Chiang Mai in January is 87 degrees fahrenheit (30 celsius)! Anytime is a good time to enjoy a nice bike ride, or lounge by the lake with some friends, or to take a hike around the lake.

Last year authentic relating games and partner acrobatics were a great hit, so we are bringing them both back! Join us for 30 minutes of relating games and an hour-long partner acrobatics class.

Please contact the FWF admin team if you would prefer to reserve a spot in a tsongtoas rather than bike there.

RSVP- Want to Join the Event!?
Please RSVP on the Facebook event page if you will be attending this meetup. At that time, we invite you to contribute a donation, either for the individual event, or for the entirety of the festival. Any amount is appreciated. If you are unable to donate, we still would love for you to attend.

Donate to Attend Per Meetup
Suggested amount: $5-$10 per event
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Donate to Attend Entire Festival
Suggested amount: $50-$100
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Click on below map to see location through Google Maps.
Nong Buak Hard Public Park