Public Meetups Schedule 2019!

We are excited to be doing things a bit differently this year. Firstly, the Retreat is going to be offered prior to the public festival, after which we will have 5 days of scheduled meetups followed by 5 days of impromptu meetups as follows:

Pre-Festival 6-Day Thailand Retreat: January 10-15, 2019

Public Festival of Meetups: January 15-24, 2019

January 15, 2019

1pm: Welcome Meetup and Acro Play at Nong Buak Hard Park

January 16, 2019

12pm: Authentic Relating Games at TBD

January 17, 2019

12pm: All You Can Eat Vegan Buffet at Happy Green

January 18, 2019

10:30am: Ecstatic Dance at TBD

January 19, 2019

12pm: Mae Sa Waterfalls
11am: Tsongtoas Leave from Nong Buak Hard Park for the Waterfalls

January 20-24, 2019: Impromptu Meetups

Check the FWF Facebook Group for posts made about impromptu gatherings. Or, if you want to meet up with people in the park, to go to the market, for an excursion, etc, post in the FB group. If you want to organize something more official, such as a long hike, a yoga class, or an event of other sorts that would benefit from the structure of a FB event, we invite you to create a FB event for us to approve and post in the group. Please read the guidelines for FB Events.

More Details to Follow Soon!

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Fruit Winter Festival is a free event (donations encouraged), which welcomes anyone and everyone. Our community is very friendly and helpful and operates this way because of our mutual desires to care for ourselves and the world around us.

In order for the festival to run smoothly, everyone needs to take a certain amount of individual responsibility. You are responsible for yourself, including your mental and physical well-being.

While we do our best to facilitate a smooth event and is always working to improve here, things sometimes come up and event details may be changed last minute due to extenuating circumstances. In this realm we ask for your patience and understanding.