Fruit House FAQ

Fruit House Retreat FAQ

What is included?
10 days of activities (additional to FWF meetups) including yoga, games, and deepening circles (full schedule here)
Opportunity to take part in an intimate community setting of 35 like-minded adventurers
Welcome refreshments of fruit and coconuts upon arrival
A bed (either private or shared)
Towels and linens washed daily
Shared full kitchen with raw or cooked vegan food preparation, bathrooms, mini gym, communal lounging areas (indoor and out)
Transportation to all FWF public meetups
Unlimited arrangement of tsongtao transportation with scheduled 2 courtesy group trips to the market

Where is the Fruit House located?
The Fruit House is at Viva Chiang Mai homestay. You can find the address and detailed directions here. You can also view the location on the Fruit Winter Google map here. We ask that you take care of your own transportation to the Fruit House, after which we will have the remainder of transportation organized during the retreat.

When is check in and check out?
Check in is at 1pm on January 11th, 2018. Check out is at 11am on January 20th, 2018.

What are the sleeping arrangements like?
The fruit house affords both single and double beds in shared rooms with the opportunity to reserve your own bungalow for a group on a first-come, first-serve basis. Prices are in accordance with available options. You can see a full list of accommodations on the tickets page here.

Is food provided?
After January 11th, you are responsible for your own food. There will be enough food available for everyone upon their arrival (fresh fruit and coconuts) with complimentary transportation to a large market arranged for the following morning so you can stock up.

There are a ton of fresh food options available in Chiang Mai. We encourage eating in community and there will be ample opportunities to do so at the fruit house, during meetups and at restaurants. We believe that allowing each individual to see to their own dietary preferences allows for the most comfortable experience for everyone.

How will we get around?
We will have tsongtoas (covered trucks that serve as taxis) scheduled to every meetup. We ask that everyone pay a $50 transportation fee upon registration to cover the cost of your taxi fees too meetups during the festival. You are responsible for your own initial transportation to the Fruit House.

You are welcome to bring a bicycle. If you would like to rent one for the week there will be an opportunity to do so after the first day’s meetup. For those interested in riding a bicycle in Chiang Mai experience with city riding is highly recommended. Many fruit house attendees also prefer not to travel on bike.

Additionally, affordable transportation can be arranged from the fruit house within an hour’s notice to take you wherever you would like to go.

There are also a few fruit vendors and small restaurants within walking distance of the fruit house and walking into town takes around 30 minutes.

How many people will be at the fruit house?

Can I stay with my friends?
When purchasing your ticket you may specify if you want to share a bed with a certain person. There will also be a place to add special circumstances for group bookings at this time.

Do I need to eat a plant-based (vegan) diet at the fruit house?
You may eat however you would like during your time in Chiang Mai, however we will be keeping the fruit house plant-based only. We also ask that the fruit house be free of drugs & alcohol, the only supplements we offer for your time here with us is the xtra pure garcinia.

Is there wireless internet at the house?

What if I am unable to make it after purchasing a ticket?
If you are unable to make it and want to resell your ticket, please notify us as soon as you know. If we have a waitlist, we will refund your ticket minus the processing fees and offer the space to the next person on the list. Otherwise, we can help you post a notice about it in the Fruit Winter Facebook group. The person who buys your ticket can pay you directly.

Have Fruit Winter questions not specific to the retreat? Check out the FWF FAQ page here.