Fruit House Schedule 2018

Fruit House Retreat Schedule

The following schedule lists the fruit house private events as well as the public meetups (listed in blue). We will add some new events and updates to the Fruit House Retreat schedule as we get closer to the event, but there will be no major changes. We will have print outs of the schedule available upon arrival at the fruit house as well.

Thursday 1/11

1pm-8pm: Check in and welcome refreshments
This will be a casual time to settle in a get to know one another. You may stay at the house or go out into Chiang Mai and explore. Please notify us if you will be arriving after 8pm. You are responsible for getting to the Fruit House. Here are directions to the homestay, Viva Chiang Mai. Here is additional information on how to get a taxi from the airport.

Friday 1/12

8am-9am- Yoga
10am-Tsongtoa to Muang Mai Market and then to the park

Meetup: Welcome Fruitluck
Location: Nong Buak Hard Park

Start Time: Noon
Transportation: (see above- fruit house tsongtoa to market and then park)
Activities During Meetup: 12:45-1:15pm: Announcements, greeting and game

6:30pm-8pm- Fruit House Opening Circle with Authentic Relating Games with Brittany and Conor

Saturday 1/13

8am-9am- Yoga 

Meetup: Games & Acro at the Lake
Location: Huai Tueng Thao Lake

Start Time: Noon
Transportation: 11:30am: Tsongtoa leaves from Fruit House
Activities During Meetup: 12:45-1:15pm: Authentic Relating Games
1:30-2:30pm: Partner Acrobatics class with Brittany and Conor

Meetup: Dancing!
Location: Zoe in Yellow
Start Time: 8:30pm
Transportation: 8pm tsongtoa leaves from Fruit House

Sunday 1/14

Meetup: JJ’s Market
Location: JJ’s Market
Start Time: 8:30am
Transportation: 8am tsongtoas leave from Fruit House (We will not be back in time to go to Muang Mai, so please choose either one market trip or the other.)

10am-12:30: Trip to Muang Mai Market and back to the Fruit House
3pm-4pm: Food Demo with Brianna

Meetup: Super Rad Fruit House Party
Location: Fruit House (Viva Chiang Mai)

Start Time: 5pm
End Time: 9pm

Monday 1/15

8am-9am- Yoga 

Meetup: Indoor Rock Climbing at No Gravity
Location: No Gravity Indoor Rock Climbing Gym
Start Time: 1pm
Transportation: 12:15pm

6:30-8pm: Deepening Circle with Authentic Relating Games with Brittany and Conor

Tuesday 1/16

Fruit House:
8am-9am: Yoga

Meetup: Mae Sa Waterfalls
Locations: Mae Sa Waterfalls
Start Time: Noon
End Time: 4pm

Transportation: 11am: Tsongtoa leaves from Fruit House

7-8pm: Guided Meditation with Conor
This guided meditation, geared towards winding down, connecting with your self and letting all the active parts inside of you rest.

Wednesday 1/17

8am-9am- Yoga 
9:30-10:30- Guided Journaling with Brittany

Meetup: All You Can Eat Vegan Buffet
Location: Happy Green
Start Time: Noon
Transportation: 11:30am: Tsongtoa leaves from Fruit House

2pm-3:30pm: Trip to Muang Mai Market from Happy Green Buffet and back to the Fruit House

7-8pm: Presentation by Guest Dr. Tumi Johnson, Topic: Tribe Power
Who is your community? Is that community supporting your best health and happiness? And if not, how you can you shift this? During this presentation called “Tribe Power,” Tumi will discuss how we knowingly and unknowingly create our community and the vital role that community plays in our health. She shall share evidence from science as well as stories from her own life and from her holistic medical work, all demonstrating just how transformative one’s “tribe” can be. She will also offer tips on how to create a loving, positive, and health supportive community, no matter where you live. The presentation shall incorporate Tumi’s dance movement and there shall be time for a Q+A session at the end.
Instagram: thepoemdances

Thursday 1/18

9am-10am: Ecstatic Dance

Meetup: Yoga, Play and Q&A
Locations: TBD
Start Time: Noon
Transportation: 11:30am: Tsongtoa leaves from Fruit House
Activities During Meetup: 12:45pm-1:30pm Yoga 
2pm-3pm: Q&A with Conor & Brittany Anything goes! Come bring your questions and join us for this relaxed, intimate Q&A.
Suggested Open Musical Jam

5:30pm-8pm: Dinner and Talent Show
Sign up to join in the community dinner or just make your own along side us as we prepare food together, eat, laugh, and enjoy one another. Dinner will be followed by a time for anyone who wants to share a talent they have with the fruit house clan.

Friday 1/19

Meetup: Pilgrim’s Hike to Wat Phalad and Doi Suthep Temple
Location: Meet at Chiang Mai University Entrance
Start Time: 9:45am (meet to start hike)
Transportation: 9:15am tsongtoa leaves from Fruit House

6-7pm: Closing Circle
(Evening: Intentionally left open for the development of impromptu gatherings between fruit house friends on their last night together in the space. Enjoy dinner, dancing, relating, massage, or anything that you desire!)

Saturday 1/20

8am-9am: Yoga

11am: Check Out + Group Picture

Meetup: Fruitluck Goodbye and Cry
Location: Nong Buak Hard Park
Start Time: Noon
Transportation: 11:30am Tsongtoa leaves from Fruit House
Activities During Meetup: 12:45pm- Largest hug in Chiang Mai

Meetup: Post FWF Night Market Meetup
Location: Night Bazaar
Start Time: 7pm
Activities During Meetup: Casual meetup to get a chance to check out a night market in Chiang Mai! Hang with friends as you explore the stalls, listen to some music or get a foot massage.

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