Donation Based Event

We are excited to be offering Fruit Winter Festival for the 5th year in a row. Although we have been welcoming donations in past years, this is the second year that we are actively advertising the festival as “donation based.” It is our desire for everyone who wants to attend the festival to do so, regardless of whether they choose to make a monetary contribution or not.

We love putting on this festival each year and are passionate about investing in it. These investments include monetary support for team members, among other elements. It is our desire to continue to make this event more and more awesome, and to be able to bring in new elements, such as t-shirts, more meetup activities, an upgraded website and scheduling system, and also to keep perfecting old systems and offerings, such as organized tsongtoa transportation to events and the orchestrating of everything that goes on.

All donations given to the festival are reinvested into the festival, to keep increasing it’s badassity and reach. We are excited for the unfolding of Fruit Winter Festival 2017 and so appreciate your support.

Contribute to the Event!

Suggested amount: $5-$10 per meetup or $50-$100