Meet the Team

Meet The Team

Conor McMillen, FWF Co-Organizer and Founder

Conor McMillen, Chiang Mai’s Fruit Winter Festival (FWF) creator, is widely known as a YouTuber, artist, therapist, life coach, and all around badass human being. He loves connecting with himself and others and is passionately pursuing this through real relationships and a deep internal connection. His passion lies in finding this connection through art, various types of movement such as dance and partner acrobatics, touch, and through helping others, using the Internal Family Systems (IFS) modality of therapy.

In 2012 Conor visited Chiang Mai for the first time, encountering an amazing group of people that helped change his life. He decided to go back the following year to create the same life-changing atmosphere and share it with the world: thus birthed Fruit Winter Fest. Now in its third year, Conor is looking to expand that experience to encompass full body health, focused on connection, both with ourselves and others.

Conor aims to create love in all areas of his life. This, coupled with his desire for real relationships, is what Fruit Winter Fest is all about. Conor will be facilitating group activities together with Brittany during FWF 2018, both at the Fruit House and during some of the meetups to help participants connect with themselves and one another. He will also be leading guided meditations at the private Immersion and Retreat.
Conor on YouTube
Conor and Brittany on YouTube

Brittany Taylor, FWF Co-Organizer and Activity Facilitator

Brittany Taylor, Fruit Winter Festival co-organizer and all around badass loves to play and enjoy life. She shares her radically alternative style of nomadic, minimalist, and natural way of living on on Instagram, Youtube and through her website.

Brittany can most frequently be found balanced upside down on another human’s body, out appreciating nature, engaged in deep conversation, or generally dancing about. Brittany’s desire is to keep discovering the most authentic version of herself, living life from a place of joyful abundance. She prides herself on living a somewhat out-of-the ordinary existence and encourages others to discover the extraordinary within themselves, uncovering what they are truly passionate about.

Brittany is excited to be co-hosting FWF 2018 with Conor. She will be leading authentic relating games and a partner acro class at the public FWF meetups. She and Conor will be leading group circles at the Retreat and Immersion, utilizing more tools for authentic connection, as well as leading a class on journaling. 

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Brittany on YouTube
Conor and Brittany on YouTube

Katy Craine, 5-Day All-Inclusive Immersion Chef 

Katy Craine, raw chef, globe explorer and creatrice, is brimming with excitement to be joining 2017 Fruit Winter Fest! She loves dancing, singing, and all forms of artistic expression. These expressions lead her to challenge her body, stretch her mind and open her heart. For her, life is a journey of discovery; discovery of her own self-love and the love that she can experience with those in her path. Her many passions are centered around creating inner and outer relationships that are full of authentic expression, play, heart connection and love. Fruit festivals are one of her favorite places to find an atmosphere that inspires these relationships, and she knows that Fruit Winter Fest will be no exception!

In 2012, Katy had her first experience as a chef focused on health and well-being, and many times since has been given the joy of fulfilling this role at the UK, Inka and Woodstock Fruit Festivals. Katy will be making a special appearance as Chef for the 5-Day All Inclusive Immersion, co-organized by Conor McMillan and BrittanyTaylor. She is ecstatic to be part of holding this space for connection with two people she holds dear to her heart.

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Dr Tumi Johnson, M.D., FWF Yoga Teacher and Presenter

Dr. Tumi Johnson, M.D. works as a dancer and a holistic medical doctor. Her holistic medical practice is focused on helping people identify the underlying causes of their health issues and using her expertise to offer individualized holistic regimens that support people in achieving and sustaining their most vibrant well-being. As a dancer, she creates and performs “poemdances,” dance pieces incorporating African and contemporary movement that are crafted from original poetry. These pieces have been performed in southern France, Haiti, West Africa, and throughout the U.S.

Tumi experienced transformative healing through shifting to her diet to raw living foods, incorporating a daily meditative practice and nurturing sensual simplicity into her life. She is dedicated to empowering others in their journeys of personal health, peace, beauty, and happiness.
Instagram: thepoemdances

Brianna Jackson, FWF Admin Badass + Fruit House Retreat HIIT and Food Demo Presenter

Brianna is an avid traveller, fitness enthusiast, foodie and all around badass. After attending the first ever Fruit Winter Festival in 2015, she developed a deep love for the city; she returned again and again for the amazing connections and experiences that Chiang Mai never fails to bring her. She is so excited to co-organize meetups, help Fruit Winter attendees with any queries and make sure your festival experience is unforgettable! 
Brianna is also extremely excited to be sharing two of her biggest passions – fitness and food – with the Fruit House family during the retreat. After years of struggling with mental health issues, fuelling her body with whole foods and building her strength transformed her into the happy, confident and driven woman she is today. She is currently studying to become a Personal Trainer and aims to help other people becoming the healthiest and happiest version of themselves too.

Brianna on YouTube
Brianna on Instagram

Amanda Altman, Fruit House Retreat Yoga Teacher

Amanda began practicing yoga at age 19 for fitness, but quickly found the real depth of such a practice. Synchronistically, around the same time, she completed a mindfulness and meditation course at University, catalyzing her passion for teaching these powerful tools to her peers. Yoga teacher training proceeded and Amanda dove very deeply into herself and her teaching practice. She received her RYT-200 in South Florida in 2013 and has been incorporating yoga into her life every day since. She was also been trained as a Rainbow Kid’s Yoga Instructor in 2015.

Amanda enjoys modifying and specializing classes for those who look to her for yoga guidance. She finds it absolutely necessary to bring awareness to the breath and the intention of mindfulness to all yoga practices she guides, in order to maintain the powerful healing potential of the practice. Amanda would categorize her style of teaching as a slower, intentional and free-movement-promoting Hatha/Vinyasa mix.

On a day-to-day basis, Amanda devotes her time to cooking plant-based, healing food for a variety of people in Naples, FL.

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