Thank you all for an amazing Fruit Winter Fest 2018!
We will post dates for FWF 2019, our 6th annual festival soon!

Public Meetups: Jan 12-20, 2018
NEW 5-Day All-Inclusive Immersion: Jan 7-11, 2018
Fruit House Private Retreat: Jan 11-20, 2018

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More details on these events along with information on all the 2018 FWF public meetups will be added as we get closer to the events. To stay up-to-date, join the Facebook Group.

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The Public Meetups!

The Fruit House Retreat

January 11-20, 2018

The intention behind the Fruit House Retreat is to provide a safe, compassionate place for self-exploration and growth. Bridging the gap between the individual and the tribe, the retreat creates an opportunity to explore our selves while being in authentic relation with others who are on this same journey.

Join an intimate group of 35 at the beautiful retreat house and enjoy daily activities, such as yoga, communal meals, and authentic relating games. Conor and Brittany lead the additional private events at the Fruit House and provide transportation to all the public meetups so we can attend as a group.

The Pre-Festival Immersion

January 7-11, 2018

Join Conor and Brittany for a 5 day, 4 night all-inclusive immersion in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Nestled amongst Doi Suthep mountain, enjoy the beauty of local Thai culture on this serene property, while being just a short ride from the old city. Comfortable accommodations for 18 retreat members are offered at this gorgeous location with ample community space to share in.

Each day will consist of various activities lead by Conor and Brittany, facilitating a healthy relationship with our minds and bodies, where we can grow within ourselves, within a safe and loving community. Snuggle in at night to your own bed in a cozy small-grop bunglaow shared with other like-minded retreat members. You will be fully taken care of during your time with us, with three delicious raw, plant-based meals provided by Chef Katy Craine.

The Public Festival of Meetups

January 12-20, 2018

Donate to Attend Per Meetup
suggested amount: $5-$10 per event

Donate to Attend Entire Event
suggested amount: $50-$100

This festival takes place annually in Chiang Mai, Thailand and is comprised of public meetups and two private retreats! The intention behind Fruit Winter Festival (FWF) is to bring together people from all walks of life who are interested in improving their health and deepening their relationship with themselves and others. FWF offers a wide variety of activities through the scheduled events, which give us a space to meet up, relate and connect with one another while moving our bodies and enjoying delicious food.

This year we have 9 days of meetups for everyone to enjoy! Learn more about the public meetups here. Prior to the festival events, please make a donation, either per event or for the entirety of the festival here. Any amount is appreciated! You can read more about why this festival is donation based here.

What’s The Festival All About?

We come together under the umbrella of fruit, which the beautiful city of Chiang Mai provides for us, along with so much more. With our need for tasty, fresh food satisfied, plus movement and play, warmth and sunshine, connection and much more, we can relish in the opportunities to dive in and get to know ourselves and others on a deeper, more fulfilling level.

Come to Fruit Winter Fest and learn more about yourself. Go beyond just surviving and start living your dreams. A huge open-hearted invitation is extended to everyone that wants to be a part of this epic annual event.